Tsunami Education

Improve education about tsunami issues

  • Include multi-language education about tsunami hazards and how to respond to large coastal earthquakes, sudden water level changes and official tsunami warnings in all schools.
  • Actively educate coastal populations about tsunami hazard zones, evacuation routes and install signage consistent with other coast states as soon as possible.
  • Update the Region and local earthquake preparedness materials to include tsunami safety. Incorporate tsunamis in safety training for workplaces in inundation zones, especially ports.
  • Develop multi-language tsunami information and educational materials and make them available to visitors to coastal areas.

Before, During & After Tsunami


  • Find out if your home is in the danger area. Know your distance from the coast and your height above sea level. Evacuation orders may be based on these numbers.
  • Make evacuation plans. Evacuate when advised to do so. Select an elevated location in land. Ensure that more than one evacuation route is known. Do not take shortcuts for they may be dangerous.
  • Have disaster supplies on hand.
  • Know the location at your designated shelters.


  • Stay away from beaches and low-lying coastal areas. Although the sight may be spectacular, if you can see the wave you may be too close to escape it.
  • Listen to your radio for information from your local emergency management agency.
  • Do not return to your home unless authorities advise that it is safe to do so.


  • Stay tuned to your radio for the latest information from your local emergency
  • Help injured or trapped persons. Do not move seriously injured persons unless they are
    in immediate danger to further injury.
  • Stay out of damaged buildings.
  • Enter home with caution. Do not use electrical devices until electrical system is checked.
    Do not use open flames. Check for gas leaks.
  • Test drinking water and food supplies. Food that has come into contact with flood
    waters may be contaminated and should be thrown out.