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Tsunami Early Warning Centre is a part of Indian Nation Centre For Ocean Information Services (INCOIS).

INCOIS has a data warehouse of ocean related information gathered from various institutions in India, which are involved in Marine Data Collection, Ocean Observation and Ocean/Atmospheric sciences. INCOIS will then translate it into deliverable products to a range of users - Fishing community, State Fishery Department Officers, Planning Commission, Ports and Harbours, Shipping Industry, Navy, Coast Guards, NHO Central Pollution Control Board, MHR - Ministry of HR etc

An Early Warning System is imperative for the Indian Ocean to mitigate the loss of life and property due to Tsunamis and Storm Surges. The Indian Tsunami Early Warning System incorporates the needs of storm surge forecast too. The System design is based on end-to-end principle encompassing:

Indian Initiative for the Dual-use Early Warning System covers the two known Tsunamigenic zones that affect Indian Ocean region.It is an end-to-end system that is scientifically and technically sound.It is comprehensive and covers the required observations, modeling, data communication, warning centre, capacity building

ESSO | Govt. of India